CT101 Banner

Hello Internet Friends! I am so happy and I thought I would check-in with you guys. I hope you guys are having or had a great day. Anyway, I wanted to share a propaganda inspired poster of my CT101 class I made.   I am still a beginner regarding Photoshop so, it has basic shapes. […]

Learning A New Language

Hello Internet Friends! I’m trying to learn a new language, which happens to be Japanese. I am not taking any classes currently, my college, unfortunately, does not offer them. I am thinking of maybe taking some classes at a different college for next semester, but I’m not sure how that will work out. I want […]

Installing a Plug-in

Hello Internet Friends! Installing a plug-in, sounds hard right? It is fairly simple. A tip: you should install plug-ins that have more than 50 thousand+ active downloads and more than 4 ratings. Even some plug-ins might be highly rated but will stop being updated, do be careful! What I didn’t know is that some websites […]

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