Prepping to Buy Tickets!

Hey, Internet Friends!

How are you guys? I’m doing great, I can’t wait for Saturday because I’m going to get up early and buy some concert tickets that sell out really quick. I am confident that I will get P1 tickets. I even asked my friend, Phoebe, to help me get them. We’re supposed to use 2 laptops, and 3 phones! It is super crazy.


Update: My cousin Melina offered to come help! I’m super excited!!

These tickets are supposed to be super hard to get because of the band’s popularity. I tried getting P1 tickets last year but got P2 which is still very good honestly. Both P1 and P2 were basically the same.

Here’s a visual if you’re confused:

This year though, it’s supposed to be different. Only P1 is standing and reserved seating. In other words, you’re super close to the stage. P2 is seated now, no standing at all. The rest of the P’s are farther apart.

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