Creating a wallpaper(ish)

Hey, Internet Friends!

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop and Illustrator a lot. I had the idea of making a wallpaper kind of thing. I wasn’t sure what to put though. So I thought about what things I liked. I remembered I had drawn some baby breath’s (flowers) because I love them so much.

I envisioned a wallpaper with a pale pink background, baby breaths and my name. So that’s what I did. 

First, I opened up a new file and chose the color I wanted.

Press fill, to quickly fill the background your desired color. A prompt will come up, choose Foreground color, keep the opacity at 100% and press ok.


Next, choose whatever image you want. Tip: Pick a picture that is a PNG (basically a picture that has no background layer) to save you lots of trouble!

I did a quick google search of: “baby breaths png”.

Next, opened it in Photoshop and you basically cut/copy it and paste it into your original picture.

Feel free to adjust it to your liking by pressing Edit, then Free Transform!

Last but not least, I used Illustrator to add my name in some fancy text.

Voila! Finished piece!

I have been experimenting a lot to see the extent of these cool programs. I have yet to find out what they’re capable of so look out for some new projects. I had fun doing this one!

‘Till next time, Internet Friends!

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