I’m so happy!

Hello Internet Friends!


I ended up waking up at 8 am last Saturday because I was so excited. I was aiming for P1 GA Standing tickets (only the very best but really bad for my wallet.) I had been saving up for a while from tutoring.

My friend Phoebe came a little before 8:30, my cousin Melina had said she would be there by 9 to help get our tickets. At 9:12, I started getting impatient, she still hadn’t arrived. I was starting to get nervous because the tickets were going on sale at 10 am. I checked my snapchat and she had posted a story of her outside and saying “It’s too early, but not too early to help my cousin”. I wasn’t worried because she lives like a couple blocks away from me, I was relieved. Of course, in a matter of minutes she arrived. I wasn’t really recording or documenting the moment aside from one video I took because I was so anxious.

You can barely tell the time on the screen but there was 32 minutes left. I kept announcing the time every 5 minutes lol.

We had 2 minutes left, I started getting scared because this fandom is crazy and thinking about not getting these tickets was making me upset.

I was zoned out thinking about this and all I hear is Melina scream out “3! 2! 1!” I caught on quick and before it hit 1 I was already on my two phones and laptop. One of my phones was acting up so I threw it to the side. We were down by one phone. Still, I was confident.

My room was filled with clicking sounds but no words from any of us. We couldn’t find any of the tickets we wanted. My phone was still loading. My computer showed other overpriced tickets that were seated. I was so upset, I couldn’t find any of the tickets I wanted. Phoebe and Melina were experiencing the same thing.

We refused to give up.

I kept looking paying more attention to my laptop (a big mistake). Literally a minute later, I saw something from the corner of my eye. My phone showed 2 P1 GA Standing tickets. “I got them…” I whispered. Melina and Phoebe both looked up and said “You got them? Are you sure?” I quickly read them over to see if I hadn’t made a mistake and said “Yes! OMG!” that’s when it really hit me. I was in disbelief. I showed them my phone screen containing the tickets.

This was no time to relax though, I had only 8 minutes to fill in my payment information before being able to claim the tickets. So I filled in my information and triple checked everything. The process went through.

I didn’t know what to feel.

“OMG, GUYS, THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” I squealed. I started dancing.

(This was basically what I was doing)

“GET READY FOR THIS CONCERT PHOEBE! THANK YOU MELINA!!” I screamed with the uttermost delight.

Overall, I am still pretty happy and hyper. Also, disclaimer: the concert is in September. BUMMER. I’m still really happy to be blessed enough to be going.

I’m so happy, I hope you guys have a really great day, afternoon or night.

I’ll see you guys later, Internet Friends!

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