Made my own *cute* GIF

¡Hola! Internet Friends

I saw this cute video and I decided that I wanted to make it into a GIF for future reference!

I thought, how can I make this into a GIF? Then it hit me.

I remember doing this in class! I remembered using GIPHY to create my own GIFs just by uploading said video. I first downloaded the video by inserting the link to the video onto this website.

It looks like this:


The reason I downloaded the video was because GIPHY did not let me insert the link form Twitter. I figured I should download the video then upload that video onto GIPHY. Sounds complicated, I assure you though, it is not!

Then, I went to GIPHY and clicked “Create” on the upper right hand side:

It sends you to a page where you’re able to insert a video from your computer library or insert a link. Keep in mind it only supports links from YouTube or Vimeo though! 

You’re then able to add different effects and text types on top of the GIF! Which honestly was everything for me! You’re then able to export that GIF you made (Making an account can help you keep track of your already made GIFs in a library, which I thought was very useful).

This was the finished product:


I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial! I want to start doing some cool tutorials like this in the future, hopefully you guys enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Later, Internet Friends!


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