Introduction to HTML

Week 1: 1/30 – Thursday

Blog Questions
Describe the importance of the HTML “Boilerplate.” What are it’s main parts? And what are they used for?
What’s the importance of naming an HTML file index.html?

The HTML boilerplate is important because without it, the things you write won’t make sense and wouldn’t translate well on a page; nothing would show up without it.

Breaking up the HTML Boilerplate:

The HTML tag is the root of every HTML document. Everything that we write has to be under this tag. The head element is what provides general info like the title, links to, definitions of scripts and style sheets. The body element is where our content goes (content of an html document). The Title element is what shows up on tabs or when searching! Also, writing .html on a file indicates that it is an html file and that it will be treated as such.

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